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Your Woodland Hills Mobile Groomer

Welcome to Smile Mobile Grooming! We are so excited to meet your four-legged companions and give them the TLC they deserve. Whether your pet needs a nail trim, a haircut, or a bath, we are the one-stop-shop for all your grooming needs.

Our Mobile Grooming Services Currently Serves:

  • Bell Canyon
  • Calabasas
  • Canoga Park
  • Chatsworth (some areas)
  • Hidden Hills
  • Tazana (some areas)
  • West Hills
  • Woodland Hills
  • Winnetka (some areas)

For a complete list of our services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (818) 970-2712.

Due to health issues, we are no longer able to groom cats and large dog breeds. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What Our Clients Say

My dog really needed her nails trimmed, so Sumi came out the same day - she was very sweet. My dog HATES her nails trimmed and did what she could to lay on her paws, tuck them under, and even lick them so Sumi couldn't get to them...but she was very patient and very professional - and with a little sweet talking and distractions to my dog, the nails were trimmed and filed! The price was very, very reasonable as well, as much as I would pay at the pet store down the street, but didn't have to go anywhere and wait - the van came to us! The van was also very awesome! Fully equipped for grooming - had a tub (although my dog has short hair and doesn't need styling - I still thought it was cool) and a table that went up and down so the dog could get on easier (good if you have an older dog with mobility problems). I would definitely call and use this groomer again!! Highly recommended!

Polina H.

That was a great experience! My dog has arthritis in her neck and anxiety issues. Sumi was able to bathe my dog using a chest harness and I was able to keep them company so my dog could be more at ease. Good grooming job, sweet to my dog, and overall good experience. The truck is fantastic!!!!

Jenifer T.

WOW! What an amazing job! I found them out of the blue, and I am definitely NOT disappointed! They arrived just on time and were super friendly. I have two dogs (one of which is a biter) and they knew how to handle both of them with ease. My dogs both came out looking as good as ever. Not to mention their great prices. It was $80 for my German Shepard and $60 for my mean biting terrier mix, both full services. I will definitely be calling them again soon!

Stephanie Z.

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